Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sofia Vergara in Allure

The lovely Sofia Vergara recently "outed" her bra size as 32F, or 34DD if she can't find a 32F.  I honestly don't think she is a 32.  I imagine she would be closer to a 28HH/J.  It makes me sad that even if she really is a 32F, her 'sister size' would not be 34DD- it would be 34E/DDD. It's nice for her to admit that there are sizes above DD out there, but she is also adding to the mis-edcuation of America.  If she is a 28 band, her 'sister size' of the 32F would be 28G (remember, every band down equals one cup up to keep the same volume of coverage).   Not that far off from my 28HH thought.

In addition, her quote of "nobody with real boobs usually has those measurements" also gets my dander up!  She has been in Hollywood too long if that is her view.  But also, it does validate my point- most women are stuffing themselves into bras that don't fit well.  In a country where last year the average bra size was 36DD, no wonder she thinks 32F is weird.  BUT IT'S NOT WEIRD.  The average 36DD woman is in the WRONG SIZE!!!  If we started fitting properly here, the average size would probably be 32F. 

Here is a photo and quote from Allure Magazine, where her interview was published:
Sofia Vergara: Behind the Scenes
"Sofia Vergara has no qualms about revealing her bra size: 32F, or 34DD when the larger cup isn't available. "Nobody with real boobs usually has those measurements," she says. Here, the actress poses in a silk lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana."

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