Friday, August 24, 2012

Smaller busts don't wear bras?

I was asked to do a post about smaller bust sizes and bras.  I've gotten comments before from women who are smaller saying that they "don't have anything to support" so why would they need to wear a better supporting bra.  Comments like this make me want to scream.  Breast tissue will not stay perky forever.  If you spend your whole youth wearing unsupportive bras, or no bra at all, you will get saggy.  Will it happen as noticeably as someone who is large chested?  Perhaps not, but it will still happen.

This all started with Keira Knightly wearing ill fitting items.  Exhibit A is her swimsuit.  Not going to lie, I wouldn't mind wearing something that cute.  I just wish it offered her a little more support, and perhaps a small underwire to hold the top in place?

So, I thought, why not see who else in Celebrityville wears ill fitting bras?  And what did I discover (bringing me back to my "even smaller boobs will sag" point)- celebrities with smaller boobs don't often wear bras.  At least not in the photos I was looking at.  Lots of swimwear, or braless.  Huh.

I know that I am more modest than most when it comes to, well, modesty.  I've never really been comfortable in the triangle bikini.  And Paris Hilton looks great.  The issue I have is that her breast tissue is hanging out of the bottom of the bikini.

And back to the sagging comment.  Small busted or not- you must support your girls.  Support them and treat them right from a young age.
Once I stopped searching for celebrities, I was of course able to find pictures of smaller busts in bras.  I was particularly disappointed by the fit of some bras for sale at the Little Bra Company. 

This bra is adorable, but the cup underwires seem to sit well below the breast tissue and the sides of the cups don't fully encase the breast.  My guess is that there was some sideboob that was airbrushed out. 

Saving the best (or worst) for last.  Oh Little Bra Company- what are you thinking?  Did she neglect to scoop the breast tissue from sideboob to center?  Or is the cup just too small for her?  The center gore is not sitting flush on the ribcage and the wires look to be completely floating away from the body.  Am I a fan of air bushing & photo shop when it comes to advertising?  Not really.  I think we are too often manipulated by images that have been doctored.  But it is used in these cases.  Regardless, it makes it easy to tell that this bra just plain does not fit this model....

Sorry this post was a bit all over the place (seems to me), but it's late and I've had all these thoughts swirling in my head all week.  I had to get the out of my head, so here they are.  Next up will be my review of my two new sports bras. I will be comparing them to my old pal the Freya Active & letting you know which is being returned....!


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