Sunday, August 26, 2012

Game On!

A few years back, I decided to take a leap and buy myself a new, bra sized sports bra.  Best decision ever!  Not that I do much exercising.... But when I do, I don't want to be bouncing all over the place!  I decided to try out the Freya Active

A great over all sports bra.  The fabric was firm, and I felt securely held in place.  No bouncing!  It is an underwired sports bra, which was new for me, but I think it just added to the overall supportiveness of the bra.  The only downside of this lovely bra is that it makes you a bit pointy and cone shaped.  So when Freya announced that they were coming out with a moulded cup sports bra, I got excited, but I didn't need a new sports bra at the time. 

Well, now my trusty Freya Active is on the last hook and will soon be heading into retirement, so I am on the hunt for a new sports bra.  Luckily for me, Undercover Lingerista just reviewed four here .  Unfortunately, The Freya Moulded Sports bra was not one of those.  I did, however, decided to try the Panache Sport bra that came in first in her reviews.

Additionally, I did order the Freya Moulded.  I've been eyeing it for a while now, so how could I not??
What do I look for in a sports bra?  I look for, as previously stated, a bra that will minimize bouncing. I actually heard a woman on the radio the other morning complaining that her boobs hurt after going on a run.  There I was, in my car on the way to work, yelling at the radio that she was wearing the wrong style of bra. In addition to that, though, I look for something that will also separate and wick moisture away.  Nothing is more uncomfortable than super sweaty boobs.  Yes, I know I'm working out and bound to get sweaty, but there is something about the in between the girls that gets so hot- like I could see steam.  So, I for sure like that separation & moisture wicking. 
Why go for a bra-sized sports bra and not traditional S,M,L types that you can get just about anywhere?  From Target to Sports Authority, to Dicks Sporting Goods, you can get a S, M, L sports bra.  Here are two- one from Champion (I have one of these- Fail), and one from Reebok.  The problem with these is that they don't support- at all!  But Laura, it's a sports bra.  It's meant to support- how can you claim it doesn't?  Because I've tried the others- yes, they are more pricey, but once you put it on, your boobs won't move.  And that is what a sports bra should do!!

So, I am now the proud owner of a Panache sports bra and the Freya moulded.  How do they stack up to my Freya Active, and to each other?
Up first, the Freya Moulded, again here:

And I have to say, I was disappointed.  I was expecting a Freya Active style support with a prettier cup.  I thought it felt cheaply made, like something I could get at Target.  I ordered it in a 30H because the 28 bands only came up to a GG cup.  My Freya Active was a 30G- with a super tight band, but I've run out of room in the cups.  I was expecting the band to be similar to my Freya Active- I could almost not get it on the first time, the band was so tight. Not so with the moulded sports bra!  A super loose band, I immediately put it on the tightest hook.  And I didn't feel lifted, separated, or very supported by this one.  The cups were made of a really light foam, but there were not any underwires.  The purple piping detail was pretty, but I need it to be more than pretty- I need it functional, too.  Overall, I didn't feel like the shape was right for me at all.  It offers more support than those in Target, but not by a whole lot.  I'd say this bra would be better for smaller busts.

Then, I tried on the Panache, seen here again:

This, I ordered in a 28H.  The first time I tried to get it on, I had just washed my face and had moisturized and I could get it hooked!  My hands kept slipping, so I tried again another day.  I'd say the 28 band on this is as tight as my Freya Active originally was- which is great because that bra lasted years for me.  I wish they made a HH to try, but the 28H fit pretty darn well!  This bra is intense and means business.  The construction of the bra is amazing and makes the Freya Moulded laughable.  The underwire of the bra comes halfway up the center gore, but without making your boobs "east/west." You are up, you are center.  This could probably be worn without a shirt and you wouldn't feel awkward (probably...).   I love the two tone grey with lavender colors of this bra, although it does come in other colors if this isn't your thing. I did the jump test, and the girls didn't budge.  I felt lifted and supported, and I feel like this bra won't let me down.  The shape of it is more rounded than that of the Freya Active, which is a plus, and there is a light moulded layer under the top layer.  In the back, there is a little hook to connect the straps, if you wanted a racer back option. I think the Panache is what I was expecting of the Freya Moulded.

Verdict:  I can't wait to wear the Panache bra & will be sending the Freya Moulded back.  Granted it was on sale, but I think I know why.  I feel like the Panache is everything that a sports bra should be and I am really excited about it!!


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