Friday, August 17, 2012

Dear Jennifer Love Hewitt

Today, I decided to try to reach out to a celebrity in my efforts to re-educate America's bra fitting.  I decided to start with Jennifer Love Hewitt.  She is a gorgeous woman who has been vocal in the media in the past in terms of her body, etc.  She seems like the sweet type of person that may actually read some things that come across to her on social media.  And she is frequently featured in her bras.... a lot.  And there is frequently fault with the way her bras fit her.  I get that they want cleavage from her, but at the expense of perpetuating the wrong images of how a bra should fit?  I think we deserve better. 

This is not a "bash on JLH" post at all.  I love JLH!  I would love for her to be a BRAvolution Ambassador.  We need women in the limelight to start wearing properly fitting bras and to also be vocal about what size they really are.  Lets use Sofia Vergara as an example.  My last post was about her "coming out" as a 32F.  Those of us educated on how the +0 system works know that SV is not a 32 anything.  She is more likely a 28GG/H, etc.  Skinny through the ribcage, but with big boobs. 

I'm not sure what size JLH wears, and I couldn't find many screen shots of the back of her bras (they ride up, trust me!), but here are a few pictures of some that are cute bras, but not quite the perfect fit.

Please, Jennifer Love Hewitt, be our BRAvolution Ambassador! 


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