Saturday, August 11, 2012


Bloomingdales, as you can see, is having a Bra Fit Event- in store and online.  The last time I went to Bloomingdales looking for bras I was just wasting my time.  Today, I decided to check out what sort of advice they give online. 

After some searching, I determined that they do carry some 30 bands, but nothing under that.  As far as cup sizes go:

  • A[92]
  • AA[2]
  • B[213]
  • C[245]
  • D[243]
  • DD[121]
  • DDD[34]
  • E[63]
  • F[46]
  • G[28]
  •       H[3]

    So, I appears that they think most of the customers will be B, C, & D cups, with DD as a close 4th.

    They also have a size calculator, which is always fun.  My measurements are thus- 28 ribcage & 37 bust.  I have been sized as poorly as 34C (Playtex), so how did Bloomingdales shape up?

    30DDD   My thought process was as follows:  Too bad they added inches!  Well, at least it was only two inches and not four to six, so that's something.  DDD?  I wear H/HH.  In what universe would a DDD remotely fit me?  Granted, they say it's just a guide, but I think they can make it a little closer to reality, no?  And if you click on the little question mark under the size results, you also get this message

    Too bad they don't have this advice readily available.  If I was someone who wasn't so aware of my bra size and I used their guide, I would have gladly ordered a bra from their 34 selections of DDD cups and then would have been terribly confused and disappointed when it didn't work. I probably would not have gone back to their website to click on their little "Wrong fit?" question bubble.

    What I am happy about is that they didn't add more than 2 inches.  While, like Nordstrom's, they don't carry 26/28 bands, they do better than the average in this advice. I think I'll have to do some undercover investigative work and go get 'fitted' and see what their advice is.  They only carry three H cup styles online, so I don't imagine they will have any available in store.  I wonder if they will size up my band like crazy, and negate their above 'perfect bra' advice.

    One thing is for sure.  As soon as I find out the answers to those questions, you better believe I will be sharing them with you!  I could not find an email address for corporate questions.  I've asked on their Facebook page for contact info, so we will see if they give me an email address!


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    1. I'll be very interested to read your follow-up! I live in a rural area, so it's hard to find stores that even carry my size; it'd be nice to add another website to the list, at least!
      Good luck :)