Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fittings at Nordstrom

Hello all.  Sorry my posts have been few and far between lately!  I hope to get back to more regular posting for you all!

I often get asked where to go to get a good fitting.  My answer is always Nordstrom.  They are not perfect.  Don't get me wrong- they are good, but from my talks with the fitters and the national fit consultant, they still add two inches to the natural ribcage size to get the band.  What they do well is 1) customer service and 2) selection.

About the customer service, I've seen a woman come in with a bra she'd worn a few times already and had decided it was too large in the band (not a surprise, frankly, since they are adding inches right off the bat).  It was no problem for her to exchange or return it.  Which is awesome.  They will also order you a size if they don't have what you need- unless it is a 28 band.  Those are still not something they think will sell (*sighs*).

Selection is not half bad there.  They carry a wider selection of 30 bands than any other lingerie store that I've been to locally.  They also carry cup sizes up to GG/H.  As far as department stores go, this is as good as it gets!  As I said before, I wish they carried a selection of 28 bands.  I also wish they would carry larger cup sizes than GG/H.  It would be nice for them to have access to some J and K cups!  I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!!

The funny thing about me doing fittings there is that there seems to be an age thing going on.  I'll try to explain...  I get different reactions from older fitters than I do from the younger ones.  I'm not saying that anyone is mean, or rude.  They are all quite nice.  I just find the younger ones a little more open to what I do.  The older ones tend to quiz me on my knowledge, and when I answer things correctly they ask me in amazement how I know all this.  (This knowledge isn't, and shouldn't be a secret!  Almost every woman spends most of her waking hours in a bra.  Why shouldn't she know exactly how it should fit so she can be comfortable in it?)  The younger fitters just ask me to let them know if I need anything from the back to let them know.  They keep most of their 30 bands in the back.  I wish they didn't do that.  It can be disheartening for women that might just want to look on their own to see mostly 32+.  She might think they have nothing for her and leave without bothering to ask a salesperson.

One of the younger gals that I've seen a lot there is Kara.  She is really friendly.  I've spoken with her at length on my trips there about what I've been doing.  She gets it.  So much so, that before I left today, she handed me a little card.  Here's what she said:

I have spoken with my manager and if there is anything we can do
to team up with you to make things easier we would be happy to.
We can call you when new things get in or if you are looking for a
size for a client.  We love what you are doing and would love to help
you out since you are a wonderful supporter of us as a company
and a store.  I'd love to be your go to when it comes to getting the
product.  Please call me if you have any type of question. Or if you
are looking for a part time.
I think this is pretty exciting!  It's great to have an ally there.  I'd hate for the ladies to feel like I am taking work away from them, like I'm a threat to them somehow, so it's nice to know that I'm welcome there to do my thing! 
I'd like to ask you lovely readers if you have been to Nordstrom for a fitting.  What were your experiences?  Did you take issue with any part of your fitting?  I'd like to be able to pass along anything to the girls at Nordstrom.  They strive for good customer service, so I think they would be open to hearing about any dissatisfaction if it's something they can fix!  I'd also like to hear the positive feedback.


  1. I always tell people to go to Nordstoms too (unlike Macys who told me a size 30G didn't exist...i was wearing it). I had gone to Nordstoms on the past and it was okay. Then i got my first real fitting at Bravissimo while traveling. For a while I only ordered bras online, however when i got pregnant i needed a larger size and my favorite bra didn't go any larger. I will say that they have a horrible nursing selection. But their larger cup size inventory and fitting has horn much better in just the last two years. With my first pregnancy I was a 32H. They only had one style but it was so scratchy (not something you should ever give a pregnant woman) it had me in tears. They let me return it after three wears which was fantastic. I went in again recently and the fitting had completely changed. Out seems they have taken a lot of cues from Bravissimo and i had two younger sales women who spent an hour with me until i found a well fitting bra in a 34HH. They ordered it in another color and shipped it to my home for free. this was the San Francisco store.

  2. hey laura! i got your comment...yes, i know exactly which song that is. it's called ponte eso pa lante by el should be able to find it on youtube no problem. it's a very popular dembow here! hope this helps :)

  3. That's it!! Thanks Kristen! My husband was slightly horrified that I can now play it for him any time I want to. Lol. Like I said, we heard that song A LOT while we were there. I'm so excited that you were able to help me!! :D