Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

I am very sorry for disappearing again on you lovely readers!  The holidays were crazy, and then shortly after my last post (and literally DAYS before I received my Bravissimo order), my laptop crashed.  I know you all must be thinking that I had everything backed up.... But alas, I did not.  I'm a forgetful person by nature, and I really did intend on backing up all of my photos and such...  Anyway, we got it worked on, hard drive replaced, etc, and nearly a month later we have her back!

Last time we met here, I believe I was telling you all about my Bravissimo order.  I'd ordered four bras- two Freya Deco (28GG), a Masquerade Lula Mai, and a Bravissimo Starburst bra set.

You all know I love the Deco, so I'll skip over my gushing about this bra.  Still wishing they'd make me an H cup, but oh well. 

Let's start with the Lula Mai.

I'd been eying this bra for a while.  It's been on sale, and I finally decided to give it a try.  It's gorgeous, and very true to the photo as far as colors go.  The bottom half is a mesh overlay.  It does a little bulk to the bra, and it's not a smooth seam free cup (as you can see in the photo), but it gave a nice rounded shape.  Not as round as the Deco, but it pushed the girls up and in.  The band was quite tight, and I wore my extender with it for the first few times.  It's the perfect bra for under sweaters, and the little details in the mesh overlay give it a little extra oomph above what a plain beige bra would give.  My only issues with this bra are these: 1) the mesh, although pretty, does add bulk- and with summer coming, I may not be able to keep it in rotation.  2) the straps are set pretty wide.  I'm a narrow girl, so I did find the straps slipping down frequently.  The band was snug, and the straps were tightened to fit correctly- they are just set a tad wider than my shoulders require.  All in all, I am pretty satisfied with the Lula Mai!

Next up is the Starburst Bra

I love the color purple, so this one caught my eye right away.  It wasn't on sale, but it's gotten really good reviews, so into my basket it went!  It is an unpadded/unmoulded bra, but from the pictures it looks like it would give a rounded shape, and not be too east/west (as I find many non moulded bras to be).  I read reviews that assured me that is what to expect.  I love the black paired with the purple, too.  If I ever get my lingerie store- that is my color palette- black and purple!  The bra itself fit great.  It was comfortable, and just as pretty as I was expecting.   However, as with most of Bravissimo's own brand bras- this one was channeling Madonna.  It might give a rounded shape for some- but I was not one of the lucky ones!  Again, I was faced with a pointed and east/west shape.  I wish this didn't happen with Bravissimo's own brand.  I did have luck once with the Wild at Heart bra from last spring.  I won't give up on you Bravissimo Brand!

So those were the two I'd ordered from Bravissimo.  I'd also put in an order with A Sophisticated Pair for some new Curvy Kate bras.  That review is to come!  I'm also still awaiting my Comexim bra and I'm really excited about a new brand who will be available through Bravissimo next month, Tutti Rouge.  This is looking to be a very plentiful spring! 

Thanks for hanging in there with me while my life gets in the way of my blog.  I resolve to be blogging more often!


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