Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Show Comes to Lifetime

Lifetime- the channel of all things female related- has come up with a new reality tv show called "Double Divas."   Two women go around fitting other women for bras.  From the promo's it looks like they also design bras.  I'm not going to lie- I'm apprehensive about this show.  Done correctly, it can be huge.  With 85% of women not only wearing the wrong size, but also getting fitted into the wrong size by 'professionsals', there is a great need for women to be taught proper bra fitting.  My fear is that this show will just perpetuate all the bad advice that is already out there. 

So, I'll be setting my DVR, and getting ready to watch.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this show does amazing things for the boobs of the USA.  There is no reason for anyone to go without a bra that fits great and makes you feel gorgeous too!

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Will you be watching with me?

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