Friday, November 23, 2012

Bra Education Class

Last weekend, a fabulous co-worker of mine hosted a little bra education party for her friends.  I put together a few posters and a "guess the bra size" game.  I was hoping to get some donations from some bra companies.  I'd emailed a few and two had gotten back to me about donating.  Unfortunately for me, that also happened shortly after the hurricane on the east coast, so their warehouses were out of power.  For the next one, I hope to have more supplies!

In general, I think it went well, for my first one.  We only had three women there (a few had cancelled last minute), but I think that was good for the first class.  I wish I was a little bit more organized in what I was going to say and the order in which to say it.  We started with the "Guess the Bra Size" game, and then talked about what problems they each had with their bras and what to do to fix them.

We discussed the parts of a bra, the rules for good fit, how cup letters are not the same size throughout the various band sizes, etc etc.  But in a kind of all over way.  We are planning on doing another one in February, so I will be more organized!  I am planning on note cards next time to keep me on task.  It's just a lot of fun to talk about bras!  I hope the women there had a good time and learned some new things! 

Looking forward to the next time!


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