Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hi Everyone!

I'm really sorry it's been so long since my last post.  I'll come out with the truth- I need a new computer.  The last few posts have lost my photos, and have been so frustrating to try and finish, I just needed a break. I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted!!  I still haven't replaced my computer....  You, my readers, deserve better!

What has been going on with me, you ask?  Or maybe not.... Are you still even out there reading this?

Well, this year- next week, actually- my big brother will be getting married!!  I was asked to be a bridesmaid, and am thrilled at how flattering the dress is.  I can even wear my normal bra with it (with a small amount of alterations).  All that has been really exciting.  As a bachelorette gift for my future sister-in-law, I went into the yet-uncharted-by-me territory of corsets.  I was pleasantly surprised with the cost & quality of what I bought from Corset Story.  I'm rather jealous that she owns it now!  I want one for myself- I'll add that to my wishlist!

I did a few months at a water aerobics class with a pregnant friend of mine (who has since given birth to the sweetest little peanut, Ashley!), and for that, I bought a tankini from Panache- the Tao Tankini which has been discontinued in many places.  I wish I would have gotten a one piece for the class.  With all the jumping & bouncing in the water, the tankini kept sliding up!  But I do have to say that I felt very supported! The center gore of the tankini was quite high & my sternum wasn't a fan!  But I really like the quasi-camouflage pattern- it hid my little tummy quite nicely.

The website Wellfitting has launched. It's a site for those of us in the USA to buy Comexim bras with US shipping! No more shipping from Poland!  Yay!  And Julia Szopa and her sister have done such a great job with it!!  I still have yet to order from them, but that is more of a monetary issue than not wanting to shop with them (once that can of worms is open....!!)  Comexim has really beautiful bras & they are well constructed.  I suggest giving them a try & am so happy that Julia & Co have made it a lot easier for us Stateside girls to have easier access!

Finally, I have been waiting in anticipation for the Curvy Kate Strapless bra!  It will be coming out in September, and early reports are that it is pretty fabulous!  Sometimes, CK can be a little wide in the wires & a little high in the underarm for me, but as I currently don't own a well fitting strapless, I'm hoping that the CK strapless is what I've been missing in my life!

I hope you have been doing well, readers!


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