Monday, September 23, 2013

Long time, no see...!

Hi everyone!!!  I'm just checking in and letting you know that I have not forgotten about you all out there.  I also haven't given up the fight for great bra fittings!  For every step forward, there seems to be a step backward.  The girl who was amazingly supportive of me doing my own bra fittings at Nordstrom has left the store.  I've ordered some bras for a coworker who will hopefully be by tomorrow to try them out (currently a 32A, hopefully will love being a 28D).  Also on the docket is guest post blogs!  I have a few in the pipeline, so stay tuned!  Bra fitting is a journey for each of us, and one that is constantly changing.  I hope you will find the guest bloggers as inspiring as I do!


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