Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Laugh Either...

Sighs...  I'm sure you've all seen this before.  It occasionally gets really popular every so often, and every time it does, I am shocked at how many women think this is hilarious.  If you disagree, you are told you have no sense of humor and you need to lighten up.  Or you have too small or too big boobs, and are just jealous of those who have the right size.  Here's the thing, though, there is no "right size" for boobs.  Furthermore, as most of you who follow this blog (and others like it) will know that cup size doesn't mean anything without the band size.

Regardless of that fact, and the fact that most women who get a kick out of this are ignorant of how bra sizing works, this still isn't funny.  We live in a world where women often are put down, solely based on their gender.  We've had to fight to get where we are, and even still, it doesn't equate to what men are able to achieve.  Yes, we are breaking through that glass ceiling, but why are we continuing to put each other down?  Celebrities, most often female celebs, are scrutinized for every pound they gain or lose, and are put down for it.  Am I guilty of some of that?  Perhaps, but I try not to do that.  Women of all sizes are beautiful!  

So, now we come to this- boob shaming.  What gain is there for putting down any woman who isn't C, D, or DD?  ....................................................................................................................................................  I'm waiting for your answer...........................................................................   That's what I thought.  

There is nothing to gain.  Not one single thing. 

What this list of cup sizes does is insult all cup sizes out there, save three.  Also, it perpetuates the DD Myth, as well as tells women that if you don't fall into the three acceptable cup sizes, then it is okay to mock you for it.  And if you are a woman who laughs at this, you are also laughing at all the women who are these other sizes.  I'd even go so far as to think that if you are a women who is one of the ridiculed sizes, and you still laugh at this, then perhaps you aren't comfortable in your own body and therefore make fun... You shouldn't do this to yourself either.  

As women, we need to stick together, not mock each other!!  We should take a stand against slop like this.  

 Photo from Curvy Kate

Would you say that these girls are "Fake" or "Help- they've fallen and can't get up?"  Or that they should "Get a reduction?"  

Photo from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

What about these?  If the photo didn't say they were D+, would you have assumed they were "Barely there," or "Can't complain?"  

The thing about both of these photos is that they are all wearing Curvy Kate- a brand that caters to D+ cups.  So again, without a band size, cup sizes have no baring on what your pre-conceived notions of cup sizes are.  As an H cup myself, I really don't see the "hilarity" in be classified as "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up."    I don't have a problem with falling down, nor do I have problems getting back up because of my boob size.  That classification of H cups (and this whole classification system) just makes whomever wrote it sound incredibly ignorant and hateful.

Maybe there are women out there who have boobs so big that they have a hard time getting up.  Does that give anyone permission to ridicule them for it?  Real boobs or fake, it's not okay to mock.  

So let's try to celebrate our curves as women, not ridicule ourselves or others.  I will leave you with what the lovely Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust changed the original, hateful, version to.  How about we pass this version around the Internet?

(A) A handful
(B) Beautifully proportioned
(C) Cor blimey!
(D) Doncha just love em?
(DD) Ding Dong!
(E) Ello Bravissimo!
(F) Fantastic
(FF) Fake?! Feel them!
(G) Great as pillows ;)
(GG) Goodness Gracious!
(H) Hallelujah!
(HH) Hubba hubba!
(J) J’adore!
(JJ) Just so Juicy!
(K) Killer cleavage
(KK) Karma was Kind
(L) Ladylumps

Be good to yourself and your body- you deserve it!



  1. I'm with you on this. I am SICK of being told that I need a sense of humor when I find this thing appalling and insulting. As a JJ+ is most brands and have been far past a D cup since I was around the age of 11 and have always felt alienated for things of this nature.

    Great post detailing it all and scolding those who find humor in this without being rude.

    1. It's not a crime if you find it insulting (you control what you're offended by anyway; offense is taken, not given). The problem starts when people like you or Laura expect people to cater to your sense of humor (for example, Laura titling this “Why You Shouldn't Laugh Either” and you saying that those who found the joke funny need to be scolded).

      You don't find it funny? Don't laugh & keep scrolling. It's that simple.

  2. People tell you to lighten up bc they're right. You really do need to. It's just a joke & you're taking it FAR too literally, especially with the H cup one. It's not boob-shaming; we all (or at least should) know exclaiming one body is better than the other outside of preference is wrong. Just like how most people know racism, sexism, slavery, cancer, the Holocaust, etc. are awful things, but that won't stop people from making jokes about them. My friend is an 32A and loves to joke about how small they are (like strawberries she says) compared to my 34DDs (cantaloupes/watermelons she says) & I always say how I wish my breasts were smaller so that I could lay on my belly comfortably. Can't we just laugh at each other in good fun or do you have to always run it by you and SJWs (not calling you one, but you sure do sound like one) to make sure they don't offend anyone?

    Yes, the “you're just jealous because you're probably an A cup” comments are pretty rude and I don't encourage them, but at the same time, what you do expect to be told when everyone/women of all bra sizes are laughing at the joke and you just stride up in the comment section like “THIS IS OFFENSIVE TOWARDS PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT C, D, or DD CUPS! STOP LAUGHING NOW & ONLY SPEAK WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT! ABSOLUTELY NO JOKES OUTSIDE OF MY SENSE OF HUMOR SHALL BE TOLD!” and a whole blog post about why others shouldn't laugh at a joke you specifically don't like (as you literally put it in the title).

    The version you made will never get popular on the Internet because none of the things are funny. Empowering, yes, but not funny in the slightest. You almost always need to face the possibility of offending people like yourself to make a joke/meme popular. You might as well get used to finding offensive things because there's a lot more where that came from and no one's going to cater their sense of humor to your tastes.

    TL;DR: No offense (you control what you're offended by anyway), but get over yourself.