Monday, October 15, 2012

Curvy Kate Smoothie and Panache Superbra Moulded Plunge

Last post, I talked about how frustrated I was with ordering my Curvy Kate Smoothie bra from Bare Necessities.  In the end, I ordered my replacement size from Amazon.

And the verdict is.....  Almost perfect!  Well, a lot of bras are almost perfect on me, but the absolute perfect bra seems to keep eluding me.  So let me explain what I loved about this bra and what didn't work for me.

 Let's start with the good things.  I loved the design.  Who doesn't like a subtle animal print?  I think it is wonderful for a brand to come out with a fun little twist like that on what is usually a boring solid color!  I also loved that the center gore (the middle part of the bra that connects the cups) sat a little higher up than my Freya Deco.  I felt that the Smoothie gave a little more coverage for a plunge than most others.  The straps were comfortable- and overall, the whole bra was very comfortable!

So what didn't work for me?  First, and most obvious, the band was too big.  You should never, ever start with a new bra on the last hook.  You always want it on the very first hook because over time, the elastic stretches and you can move the hooks in with wear.  Your bras will last you longer doing this.  Secondly, I seem to be in between cup sizes.  The 28HH was for sure a little too big and the 28H was very close to being too small! However, I do have to say that the cups had a better fit than my Freya Deco.

So, I'll take this opportunity to plead with Curvy Kate to please, please, please make the bands of the Smoothie a bit tighter??  (Or maybe 26 bands??)  It really is the one main thing keeping this from being my prefect bra!

Oh, and did I neglect to mention that next season, the Smoothie will be coming out in a nude "Blush" and a pink "Raspberry?"   I can't wait!!

Next up is the Panache Superbra Porcelain Plunge in 28H. 

I was hopeful for this one, and again there was something that worked, and something that didn't- this time it was reversed from the CK Smoothie.  The band was a great fit (almost too tight to do up), but the cups were too small!  Unfortunately for me, Panache only makes it up to an H cup.  So, back to the store it will go. 

I am keeping both of my Smoothies because you never know when you'll need the next cup size up.  Maybe I can find someone in town to alter the bands down for me.


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