Thursday, September 27, 2012

Seeking the Perfect Bra...

We all do it. We find something that fits, and get it in every color and style available.  We tell our friends and families about our amazing finds.  Sometimes, it is a great thing.  Sometimes, it feels more like a rut.  I think I'm in a bit of a bra rut.  I usually wear slightly ill fitting Freya Deco's in 28GG, or modified 30G.  I also swap in 28HH Ewa Michalak plunge bras- which is the closest to the "deco" shape that I can find.  The problem with the Freya brand is that their bands tend to be on the loose side.  What I mean by that is a Freya 28 band feels more like another brand's 30 band.  For example, the 28 bands on my Ewa Michalak, for the first couple of wears, I needed band extenders because the band was a bit too snug.  With the Freya Deco 28 band, the first time I put it on I was wearing it on the tightest hook (you always want to start on the loosest hook and move in as the elastic stretches with wear).  So, as excited as I was about the release of the new Freya Deco 28GG, it's close, but still not quite right. 

 Freya Deco Plunge

Ewa Michalak Malachit Plunge

So what is a girl to do when her favorite bra shape-wise just doesn't work size-wise?  Keep looking.  Which lead me to Ewa Michalak.  Her bras are beautiful, soft, comfortable, and reasonably priced.  So far, I've only tried her plunge style.  Size-wise, it's a great fit.  Shape-wise, I don't get as much lift as I'd like.  I want to try her half-cup style, but I have a history of that shape not working well for my body-type and the size I am in Ewa means they are custom made and non-returnable.  The Big Bra Bar stocks some Ewa Michalak bras, but none in my 28HH at the moment.  The good thing about ordering from TBBB is that if you need a 'custom' size of EM you are able to return it to them if the bra doesn't work out.  (The Big Bra Bar stocks many 26 banded EM bras.)

There are very few companies that make a moulded cup in GG+.  I adore the Panache Cleo Jude , but sizing stops at a G.  Panache's Super Bra line does have a bra that  have on order, and that is the Porcelain Plunge .

 I'm hopeful for this one. It doesn't come in the same color selection as the Deco (Grape Purple is coming out for the Deco... I want it, even if it might not fit perfectly), but it is a gorgeous bra!  I had the chance last year to try the Panache Cleo Juna and while the shape was okay, the center gore was too high for my shape. I tried it a few times and still have the scars to prove it.  A high center gore just does not work for me, which is why the plunge style works well for me- the center gore on a plunge is shorter.

The other option I am hopeful about is the Curvy Kate Smoothie which is the only moulded cup bra up to a J!  I have heard that the band on this is also loose, but I have one on order and am really excited to try it out.

Curvy Kate Smoothie

Another thing that might help me in the fit of my slightly too-large-in-the-band bras is a new item that I first saw on Curvy Wordy's blog, and it's called a Rixie Clip (see the review here ). It is a clip with a bra band attached.  Curvy Wordy has step by step photos which explains the product and the process much better than I could do.  It seems like a brilliant idea, and could just maybe solve my bra issues.  Even if the Porcelain Plunge or the Curvy Kate Smoothie work great, I think a Rixie Clip will still come in handy.  It is only $10 and can slide on to any of your bras. 

I look forward to the arrival of the Panache, Curvy Kate, and Rixie Clip. Trying new things isn't always easy.  I will let you know how they work out!


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